I Shall Thank you

Who should we thank? Should we thank at all?

Who should we thank our ancestors who are gone?

Who should we thank? What should we say?

Thank you for bringing us today.

Thank you for blackening our days

Thank you for letting us lose hope

earlier in our lives.

Thank you for the crimes you left

Thank you for bringing us flat

Thank you for never trying enough

Thank you for shutting up

All those years.


When we went to the streets

When we chanted our rights

When we wanted to speak

We thought we just might.

Thank you for announcing us traitors

Thank you for asking us to stop

They said we’re betraying

our country, our army

as if they cared about us at all.

We spoke our words louder

We shouted in their eyes

We sang our slogans,

the names of our friends who died

When we thought we won

When had no clue

We thought we were up the pyramid again

“Power in the hands of people”, we sang

People shall rule.

Months later the light was blown

Yet again the smiles were gone

and here we are

in the shadows of our souls.


Thank you for killing our hope

Thank you for abusing our globe

Thank you for letting us die

Right here, in front of you.


عندما تتسارع نبضاتي

وتقل ضحكاتي

وتختفي ابتسامتي

وتخرج “اه” من بين شفاتي

فأضع يدي على صدري

وأنظر إلى من حولي

وأتسائل: هل هذه هي نهايتي؟

لا ..لا تخذلني!

الوقتُ مرَّ سريعاً

 ومازلتُ بين عائلتي

ومع أصدقائي

ننشدُ ونُغني

ونتذكر كل الحلو ونمحي كل المر

فأتسائل: “ماذا يحدث لي؟

بين حينٍ وآخر

ووقتٍ وآخر؟”

نعم، هذه حقيقة

يخرج الوعي مني

ثم يعود

ويُقالُ لي مازال العمر موجود

ولم ينتهي مني

ويرجعُ الصمود

يملأ قلبي.

وأتذكر ما عهدت من العهود

لكلِ من كان حولي

 بأنني سأعود

وسأُنظِر العالم

ما هو قلب الأسود

لا دمعةٌ تسيلُ

إلا في صمود

لا يخاف ولايخشى

إلا من الله الموجود.



His voice as soft as velvet..

The way I imagined it would be.

When I asked him:” Are you busy?”

And he replies: “I’m free.”

I give you my time, my treasure.

When he says, and speaks my name: “Is this your number?”

I’m saving it for me.

It has been years. I almost forgot you.

But when you say my name It almost feels the same.

As it has always been.

I remember when you first spoke to me: “Do you know how to cross the street?”

The street was deadly, the vehicles were fast, I really was  afraid.

And you knew that.

With No, my reply, you stood beside me on the direction the traffic was pouring from.

You guided me.

And taught me.

The past year, I guided others, to cross that street.

Your tall silhouette grabbed me,

Brought the whole world into silence,

Shuttered me into pieces,

Every morning you stepped on that bus.

With every “Ezzayek*” ,you spoke my name.

And It was as soft as velvet.

The way it has always been.


* Ezzayek is a colloquial Egyptian Arabic word meaning How are you.

They Held Me Captive..

They drew the limits,
They held me captive,
Took away my senses,
Spoke my name.
They laughed at torture
They smiled at my pain
they deleted identity
And I became a number
In their massive jail.

They held me captive
In a dark cell
For my prince, I wait.
On its walls I write down
This poem.
Enough of the darkness,
Enough of the wait.
Give me my senses
I need light, I need the sun,
it’s time to shine.. It’s time to shine!
Written in 19/01/2012