Morning Stories

She stands in the middle of a circle of people talking about her unfortunate journey that morning. As she speaks, she realizes that her voice is the loudest in the room. A couple of hours later, as she jokes with a colleague, she hears another friend sitting across the room laughing at her words.
A decade back, she sat at the end of the second row leaning against the wall. She watched closely the other girls at class laughing, dancing and singing loudly, celebrating the absence of a teacher between the classes. She watched everything through the lens of her thin-rimmed metallic blue glasses quietly drawing figurines on the sides of her notebook.

She hears someone across the room calling her name, wanting to listen to today’s story.
‘When did she become the entertainer of the room?’, She thought.
Some colleagues ask her why she smiles all the time, why she laughs even when she’s mad. She didn’t even notice it until it was pointed out. She spent the night tucked under her blanket, remembering just two years ago, when she preferred to walk in the rain so no one would notice her tears. She remembered the pain in her chest, the loss of her emotions and being engulfed by loneliness. She remembered her identity being stolen away from her for five straight years.

But as she’s standing in the middle of a circle of people she’s just met only weeks earlier, she realizes how much her personality has evolved. She’s surprised , and impressed, by whom she’s become. How she’s taking all these serious steps on her very own, sometimes (many times) getting lost on the way to create some interesting stories to be told the next morning.


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