The Concept of Growing Older

As I turn 23, I am struck, just like every year with the new number I am adding beside my name. Although I know that according to society, being in your early 20s is considered ‘young’, but also according to society, at 23 I am supposed to be either married or about to get married. I am supposed to have a job and become financially independent from my parents.

But growing older is not getting married and having children. It is not that huge promotion at work. Growing older is not the greying of your hair or the wrinkles around the corners of your eyes. It is not the increase intake of medication or the inability to take the stairs. Growing older is not adding more candles to your birthday cake, either.

Growing older is the ability to freely formulate your opinions. To create original ideas. Growing older is your ability to treat those who hurt you with respect. To be able to forgive. To be more understanding. Growing older is giving the room to yourself to continuously evolve. To know that at this very point in your life, this will never be the final version of yourself. That you can adapt freely to changes, to the things you lose and others you gain. Growing older is to lock that ego of yours and allow your knowledge to continuously expand, to be always open for new ideas and information. Growing older is to open the doors of your soul to the ever-changing world.


One comment

  1. invisible25 · October 4, 2015

    This is amazingly true! It’s just sad that the older society is unable to see it like it is.. Never thought about it this way, but was inspirational.

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