A Return for Silence


In the past two days, the temperature suddenly dropped 20 degrees. The extreme weathers of the year hit Cairo in just two days. At home, it was like a movie scene, the goodbyes at the door, the pushing back of our tears, and the sadness of being parted, again and again. It was raining outside and the unexpected desert cold hit us to the bone. We raced for our closets and took out our dusty coats. We hugged and kissed for the last time and they drove away. In a moment the walls fell back to place, and the space was suddenly silent. I could only hear my fingertips rapidly hitting the keyboard to keep pace with the overflow of words in my head and the roaring of a car every now and then. The laughs and screams were gone.

The music in my head suddenly became louder to overcome the silence that has always been haunting me.

I kept staring at the window hoping for a distraction to my thoughts. I admired the pitched roofs of the neighboring villas which have been finally put to use with all the rain, the yellow plaster on their facades now glowing under the brightness of the cloudy sky, the emptiness of the uninhabited ones, and the greenery now brighter after being washed by the rain. I then remembered those days exactly a year ago, and nostalgia for my semester abroad kicked in. Then, I felt an urgent need to splash into a water puddle.


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