Love From First Thought

You must have heard of love in first sight? But Did you hear of love from first thought, Love from first sentence, love from the first idea?
Well, I am in love.
That sort of love. When you read someone’s words and you are in love with him or her way before you are introduced to their faces.
I am in love. With a writer. With a thinker. With a believer.
I am in love. With a pen. With a mind.
Long before, I see his face.
Long before, I feel his smile.
His words get deep into my soul; wake me up from my miseries.
His thoughts, draw a smile on my face, brightens my soul with optimism, lightens my way through the dark.
I love his words. I love his thoughts.
And when I met him, I loved him even more.
Of course I did, how ridiculous!
He treated me like a princess. He’d look at me in the eye, wait for me to finish speaking and then speak to me.
When I ask him a question, He’d stop, look carefully at me, direct all his attention, and answer back with all interest, with all respect.
He charmed me.
He enchanted me.
With his thoughts and his words.
And with his hazel eyes.


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