The Smile.

Sitting behind my desk in my room poorly lit by a table lamp, when I see a shadow at the door way.

Sweat runs down my back. I can hear my heartbeats in my eardrums.

The shadow approaches until it stands on the other side of my desk.

I swallow hard.

There he stands, a tall handsome gentleman with a pair of warm brown eyes.
He looks at me and half smiles.

The kind of smile that would enchant you.

He walks to my side and holds out his hand.

Confused, I stand up. He takes my right hand into his and holds my waist with the other.
He turns me to face him and strengthen his grip on me.
Music plays and we start dancing in circles.
I study his face. One that I have never seen before.
He puts on a shy smile and points to my right side with his chin.

I turn my head. There it stands as it once was the highest tower in the world. There it stands, one of the most famous buildings in the entire world and a symbol of a city I have always adored and craved to visit. There it stands the Tour d’Eiffel.

I look at him in surprise.
But he just smiles.
He points to the other side.
I turned my head again and there it is as glorious as it has always been, a masterpiece of the ancients filled with cheering crowds witnessing the bloodiest of all events. This building that once stood as the world’s largest stadium: The Colosseum.
I looked again at him, confused.
But again, he just smiles.
I look above at the sky, but there was none.
Above us was the rib vault ceiling of Notre Dame.

I looked below. We were dancing on Roman stone paving.

I move my gaze back at this stranger’s face.
“Welcome, you’ve waited too long”, He says.
I take a look behind him, and the two thousand-year-old Roman Road unfolds into a Never-end.

DSC05239Note: Photo is mine.


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