Ten Years Ago I decided to wear the Hijab.


It has been a decade since that day I decided to put on the Hijab.

I just turned eleven a month or so ago. The night before the first day of Ramadan, I told my parents that I wanted to wear the Hijab on the first day of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

“But you can wait one more year or so..” My Parents had said.

“I think it is time.”

On that night, while the whole Islamic World prepares for the holy month, people always late on Ramadan-essential shopping fill the supermarkets and souks. My mother and I went to the souk to buy headscarves. I remember buying scarves in the basic colors that would fit my school uniform and the basic clothes I had.

That night, I was very nervous. But I keen that this was the right decision.

The next morning, My mother helped me putting on the scarf and fixing it with needles.

On the bus Some older girls congratulated me on the courageous step, while others simply smiled.

I walked into the school with everyone’s eyes on me.

“Is it just for Ramadan?” One teacher asked me during the morning assembly.

I gathered all the courage I had and said firmly:

“No, It’s Forever.”

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