From Modernity to Barbarity

As the police strike tears up through the country, over thirty police stations have closed their doors all over Egypt. The demands are the dismissal of the ministry of Interior (who was appointed by president Morsi ) as well as arming the police officers during their missions and while on duty to defend themselves against ‘Armed thugs’.


But how is the country holding on with the dysfunctional of the police organization?

An acquaintance of mine has just posted on Facebook how he missed one of the outings he was really looking forward to as his father’s firm was attacked by thieves. He even posted a photo of the bag the thieves left behind.

Other people aren’t letting their children driving on highways since it happened that thugs often stop people and steal their cars and possessions.

Actually, that has just happened with my cousin a month ago.

So we have to admit that the security in Egypt is  a huge concern. Especially with travelers and those who live on the edges of cities.

The fear is that Egypt would actually turn from a modern country controlled by a strong government and law that is  implemented by the police to a community where the strongest is the one who rules.

What I am discussing here as consequences might be an extreme, however, an exaggerated version always contains a truth in one way or another.

I pray everyday.



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