A story I never believed I’d be telling

          She changed her Facebook profile picture every two or three days. Each time with a different pose, a different style..

One wearing a wig, another lying on the floor, a third one with a bunch of friends..

However, all of them have one thing in common (Apart from her):

Her smile.

She smiled in all of them.

I used to see her every morning in the morning assembly standing in the front of her line for like ten years.

We weren’t close at all, we actually spoke  just a couple of times. She was a year younger than I was , She was in my brother’s class.

          And then I noticed that I can’t see any new photographs of her on my timeline..  but it didn’t take time at all for me to drift back through my busy life.

          A couple of months later in June it was my brother’s graduation ceremony, And while sitting at the very end of the huge dark hall with my younger brothers (who were almost asleep),  her name was called among the graduated students. Everyone waited for her to appear like all the other students, girls anticipated to see her dress, her hair and the heels. However,  there stood a huge photograph of her on the projector, smiling back at the audience.552605_336188343127686_613985074_n

Above the photograph those lines were written:

          “Unfortunately, one of our graduates was not able to join us due to personal circumstances. Our hearts and prayers are with her. She is Lara Molla, our student since eleven years”.

          After the ceremony, I asked my brother what were those ‘circumstances’.

“She was diagnosed with brain tumor.”  He told me.


A knife stabbed my heart.

“.. She left to Lebanon since the middle of the academic year, She didn’t attend A level exams.”, He continued.

And I wondered why she stopped updating her profile picture so often as she always did.

“.. But they say she’s overcoming it.. she’s very near to winning the battle.”

I smiled and prayed.

In September came in the news through friends who updated their photographs and statuses all over the social media with one thing:

Her pretty photographs again, were smiling back at me in my laptop and mobile phone.

Grief diffused through my heart.

That was her last day.

She’d lied to everyone about  being close to overcome cancer.

But she didn’t lie about winning the battle.

Because in my opinion, she did win.



Her facebook memorial page:


Please stay for a minute and pray for her.


One comment

  1. ahmad kleib · April 8, 2013

    Allah yir7amek ya lara
    You didn’t lose , you are strong & a true fighter

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