Why I never liked White..


White is the paper.

the blank paper.

White is emptiness, blankness..

White is new, Always New.

White is zero, white is the start.

Always the start.

White is stationary.

White is the beginning, that is  Never completed.


White is the story that was never told, white  is on hold, yet in the process.

White is loading.

White is young , to grow..

White is cheap to be enriched.

White is empty.

White is missing.


White is nothing.

White is mute.

White is fragile; with just a drop of anything it is completely contaminated.

Silence disturbed;

Forever disturbed.

The clearness roughens;

A language is created.


White is frightening.

White will absorb you,

In the vastness.

White is meaningless.

White is infinite.

An empty infinity.

White is on hold, yet moving.

White is missing yet full.

White is strong yet fragile.

You see why I dislike White?