As my favorite time of the day passes by quietly, I asked myself one unusual question: What are your plans for this evening?

My plans always included studies, actually, it was mainly about an assignment to be submitted on the following day or within the week.

But today (although I only had 3 hours of sleep last night) I am loaded with positive energy. Maybe because I just came out of a five-day Eid Holiday, or maybe that’s not the reason.

I scroll down through my never-ending to-do list to see what was saved for an energy-loaded evening and I discover the amount of things that hung up on this list for like, a year or so.

Yeah a year. Maybe even a couple.

I compared myself to people I’ve known through my so-far journey of life, those people who keep inspiring me with the amount of energy they’ve got. Those people who are very active, very contributing to their societies. Those people who you can see them almost everywhere you go, who always want to change themselves to the better.

I learnt that enough is enough, Enough with the old lazy, never-get-anything-done me.

The thing about inspiration, isn’t just being inspired, is getting work done as a result of being inspired.

I shall get off.


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