As my favorite time of the day passes by quietly, I asked myself one unusual question: What are your plans for this evening?

My plans always included studies, actually, it was mainly about an assignment to be submitted on the following day or within the week.

But today (although I only had 3 hours of sleep last night) I am loaded with positive energy. Maybe because I just came out of a five-day Eid Holiday, or maybe that’s not the reason.

I scroll down through my never-ending to-do list to see what was saved for an energy-loaded evening and I discover the amount of things that hung up on this list for like, a year or so.

Yeah a year. Maybe even a couple.

I compared myself to people I’ve known through my so-far journey of life, those people who keep inspiring me with the amount of energy they’ve got. Those people who are very active, very contributing to their societies. Those people who you can see them almost everywhere you go, who always want to change themselves to the better.

I learnt that enough is enough, Enough with the old lazy, never-get-anything-done me.

The thing about inspiration, isn’t just being inspired, is getting work done as a result of being inspired.

I shall get off.



Drawn by the author.

Waiting for the clock to announce the start of the new year , everyone gathered around the television waiting impatiently for the celebrations of the new millennium. In the morning the TV broadcast-ed the celebrations of the countries in the East.

Fireworks rocked the skies all around the globe, dances, music..

 And then the Egyptian celebration ceremony came along and disappointed many.  I remember the penguins walking on the sand, the pyramids in the background and some European musician heading the orchestra. I can’t remember all the details unfortunately.

I was only 7 back then.

These very same days were also the last days of the holy month of Ramadan. Muslims all over the globe were preparing for Eid (Feast).

And we were packing. Heading to a new life.

I asked my mother back then how does it feel to fly on an airplane? How does it feel like flying?

And I was only days away from experiencing that. And this alone was more exciting to a child than all the celebrations of the millennium.

How does it feel to live in Abu Dhabi?  Is it like Egypt? or like the states?

I left the states when I was three. I couldn’t remember much but I had enough photographs and videos to visualize how life there was.

And for me it meant perfectness.

The second day I arrived to Abu Dhabi I had the states back in mind..

Organized traffic, streetlights, trash bins, beautiful weather, lots of Palm trees , high buildings polished with marble and glass, special area for car parking, White and golden taxis, Shiny streets.

 My first Impression of Abu Dhabi was how neat, clean and organized this city was.

                It was January then, the best weather in the Emirates. The streets were decorated with lights and flags marking the celebrations of the Union of the Seven Emirates at the beginning of December of every year. The lights left on since then for the Ramadan and Eid celebrations and also, welcoming us.

                We’re packing again, heading to a new chapter. But this time heading back home. My brother joins the same university as I did two years earlier which forces the family to move back to Egypt. Now, with the new fresh air of the revolution of 25th January 2011 and Hosni Mubarak no longer the president of Egypt, Cairo with all its horrible traffic, garbage issues and sexual harassment  becomes a new place of hope.

التميُّز؟ النجاح؟ مجرد خواطر!

لما الواحد بيكون متميز.. والناس كلها بتشكر فيه وبتقدر قيمته وثم يذهب إلى مكان آخر ويصبح زي مئات الآلاف من البشر.. يصبح انسان عادي.. وسط الزحمة.

لما الواحد كانت الناس بتعملّه حساب وبعدين يبقى اسمه لا يذكر.

هي مين دي؟ ده لو خدوا بلهم منها أصلاً.

الإحساس اللي البني آدم ده بيشعر بيه: الدمار.

الدنيا انتهت. مجدي راح (ببالغ حبتين تلاته) ورغم اني ببالغ لكن الاحساس ده فيه شىء من الصحة. إحساس بالفشل.

أحساس انك انتهيت. ان مينفعش ترجع تاني.

والتميز مش في الدراسة بس.. ولكن في الحياة عامة.. وطبعاً بالتميّز أقصد التميُّز الكويس.. الناس شيفاك أحسن من الآخرين علشان كده وخدين بالهم منّك أو شديتهم من الأول.

دائماً ما أنظر إلى تلك الأسماء التي نسمعها كل يوم.. لماذا سمعنا بها؟ ما الشىء الذي فعلوه لنسمع بهم؟ وكيف فعلوها؟

كيف فعلوها هو السؤال الأهم. إزاي تنجح في الدنيا الملخبطة دي؟

 المشكلة إن الحِكَم اللي بنسمعها دي مجرد (بالنسبة لي على الأقل) كلام نظري  Theory يعني.  الأهم هي التطبيقات العلمية.. وهنا تيجي تجارب الناس دي اللي خلتنا نسمع اسمهم ونحفظ ملامحهم.

ويأتي السؤال الذي يحيرني منذ سنوات: هل الشهرة دليل على النجاح؟