The Name

An American born Egyptian, Lived in the United Arab Emirates since I was 7 until 18 when I moved to Egypt for University, Lost in Arabia simply illustrates this confusion of being raised up between similar yet (very) different identities.

Main similarities include for example the language (although each has different dialects and it was hard for me to understand the Emarati dilact in the beginning) and the religion: Both are Islamic counties with mosques everywhere and most women are veiled.

However there were many differences and I’m not going to talk much about the cultural differences because honestly I haven’t been in touch with many Emaraties through my 11 year residence in the country. (Which you may find weird but for people who lived in the Gulf countries would understand). There were very few Emaraties in my school and in our circle of friends. Anyways, The UAE is a country of mixed nationalities and cultures, you have the Arabs, the Indians, the Filipinos, the “Ajaneb” which are basically the Europeans and the Americans. Each live in their very own lifestyle and may have their own schools, clubs and so on.. However, In Egypt you get in touch with only Egyptians, Egyptians and Egyptians..

This Blog is mainly about my personal Experiences, thoughts, opinion and dreams. Posts here will be in both English and Arabic, both Egyptian and classic. This blog represents the mixture within me.

Hope you Like it!

Marwah Garib.

مروة غريب


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